This page seems fairly disorganized to me, though I have done my best to attempt some form of organization. Below are the accumulation of more than a decade of cut scenes and a few wholly cut stories. I have attempted to include reminicing as to why I decided to cut... whatever it was, and where it would fit in the scheme of the story, but in some cases my memory is shoddy. (Some... eh, a good percentage of this stuff dates back to when I was a high school student.)

Why am I putting this stuff up? Especially since I previously vowed no one would see the mess that is the BTTF4 and 5? I suppose because I find this stuff fascinating -- evolution of a story, cut scenes from books and films, that sort of thing. Be it noted that I consider none of this stuff "canon" or having happened in my own fanfic universe. Otherwise, why would I have aborted it?

The pieces -- stories and clips -- are arranged in chronological order. All typos and spelling erros are mine and mine alone; I did not proof these before posting since it would take way too much time. In some ways, this amounts to some damn amusing errors, especially my odd penchant towards some certain misspellings when I was thirteen and fourteen.

The Full Cut Stories

"Back to the Future Part IV
This would be my very first BTTF story -- and novel-length story -- ever. I wrote it when I was 13 and 14, an 8th grader. It is so incredibly cringe-worthy to me, but at the time I was extremely proud of it. And also lacked any original title. The time is the Civil War, 1861, and Doc summons Marty to help him get Clara back, who has been captured by a Tannen. In the meantime, Marty botches up his great-great-grandparents' courtship. Blatantly unoriginal, though I still dig the psuedonym I selected for Marty -- Rhett Butler.
"Back to the Future Part V"
The next story after the above one, written when I was a freshmen in high school. Cringe-worthy, again. Aspects of this plot and of the BTTF4 one ended up later being hybrided to form what became "The Time Travelers in King Tannen's Court." Which, I think, worked a loooot better.... Doc, his family, and Marty are stranded in the middle ages for a bit because of a time machine mishap. Marty pisses off a Tannen, and comes down with pneumonia. Yawn.
"Adventures on the High Seas"
This story was actually online for a while, but I never liked it. I tried revising it, and it still seemed lame, so I took it down when I started really overhauling all the stories in college and "wrote it out" of my universe. Some people lamented it's disappearence, but I don't regret the decision. This story is an example as to why it's a lame idea to write a tale based on only one vivid mental scene.

The Cut Scenes and Snippets

Cut Scenes from Original "Tremors in Time"
This cut is from the first draft of the story, and is in fact an entire subplot. Marty inconvienently comes down with appendicitis the night after the quake. This never made it to the 'net, not even in the first revision. I think at the back of my mind I figured I would save an appendicitis subplot for something better in the future, and in fact it worked out much much better with "The Family Way" years later. It also seemed completely out of place and random in this tale.
Cut Scenes from "Return to the Past"
The first cut is from the original draft of this story, and was one of the first times I saved a cut. (I used to... shudder... just not save them. I lost some intriging stuff that way.) My reasoning at the time was along the lines of feeling like I was writing myself into a corner. So I ended up backtracking and going down a different path that worked out better (IMO).

The second cut is from the revised version on the 'net. I have utterly no idea why I decided to cut this out -- I think I just decided to do something better, though the idea of Jules and Verne observing a lesson of their future mother's is still intriguing to me.

Cut Scenes from "The Pair O' Docs"
This is an itty bitty cut from the revised version of POD. Not sure why I nixed this at all, actually. Only that something better must've occured to me for this scene where Clara and the boys are musing about Doc B in the train. The last line cracks me up, though, with it's melodrama.
Cut Scenes from "Partners in Time"
This was a fairly substantial cut (a couple pages). Like the one in "Return to the Past," I'd written myself into a little corner that shifted the plot a bit, and I didn't like it. I think something better came along, so I backtracked to where things skewed off, and then did the snipping.
Cut Scenes from "The Lost Treasure of Juan de la Vega"
Two smallish cuts here from two seperate parts in the story. Better ideas occured to me, so out they went. Particularly with the second one, since the concept of Marty getting sick on the pirate captain was so much more... devious.
Cut Scenes from "Future Shock"
This created some agony for me. The cuts here were not typed into the computer (or, at any rate, saved on the computer.) I found these pieces on paper, handwritten, in my notes that I keep for all my stories. I assembled them as best I could, but there are some gaps in narrative, obviously, where I did my writing on the computer. (I use paper and pen to write when I'm not near a machine.)

The biggest thing that irritates me about this story is the fact I have a recollection of writing a chapter entirely differently. (Marty wakes in a hospital his future self took him to after he was found unconscious in the house.) There was this whole nifty chase sequence, but it was a fairly pointless scene, so I cut it... and didn't save it. I curse my idiocy to this day.

Cut Scenes from "The Ship of Dreams"
A very small cut. I believe I came up with something better here, at this part where Doc and Marty are searching for Jennifer on the ship.
Cut Scenes from "For All Time"
I have no idea why this cut -- from the part where Doc and Marty are in the military prison -- was made. No clue at all. I suppose I came up with something better.
Cut Scenes from "In Flux"
I started this story prior to "For All Time," and the decision to add a new member to the Brown family. Thus, the beginning is wholly different. I had to rewrite it, obviously, when I did the other changes, and I was able to salvage some chunks from this.
Cut Scenes from "No Place Like Home"
Pieces from NPLH, which was a story that had a lot of indecision and rewriting for me. I kept getting better ideas the whole time I was working, which was a bit of a pain in some ways.
Cut Scenes from "The Family Way"
Two extremely small cuts/changes. Made for reasons I have no recollection for, anymore.
Cut Scenes from "The Hill Valley Chronicles"
These are cuts from the HVCs, which I work on from time to time. (My "alternate universe" miniseries, if you will, where I explore what might've happened if Marty was trapped in 1885 with Doc.) This will expand from time to time as I write more segments and (inevitably) cut stuff from the drafts.