Real-life inspiration of the 'Partners in Time' series: a photo gallery

Sometime in the summer of 2007, the seed of this aspect of the Partners in Time website presented itself to me. Subconsciously or consciously, I've always drawn off real places when mentally picturing scenes and locations for every single thing I've ever written. While in my hometown of Beaverton, Oregon that summer, I looked around and realized how much had changed in that town since I had moved away four years I decided to go around and photograph some of the places that I had either used or envisioned for various parts in the "PITverse." My motivation was to capture some of these places before they could be destroyed or completely changed. (And, in some cases, construction or remodeling had occurred in years since I had walked those grounds and seen those sites, so the photos do not accurately represent what I mentally saw anymore.)

So, below is the photo gallery I assembled using Flickr. The locations are assembled in the order they appear in the novels...and be aware of potential spoilers! It is possible -- perhaps inevitable -- that this gallery will expand over time. Some things that I mentally pictured, which had real-life roots, I haven't yet had the time or opportunity to photograph. Stay tuned. And remember: Be aware, possible spoilers may lurk!

Enter the PIT Photo Gallery... (off-site)