These are things and links to whatever strikes my fancy. Favorite haunts, opinions or views I have, whatever else I feel an obligation to let other people know about.


Below are links to websites that I frequently enjoy. Some are links to websites of friends. Some are just things that I'm interested in. It's pretty eclectic....

The Michael J. Fox Database
Someday, maybe, I will create my own page dedicated to the actor that I so admire. Until then, this site should fulfill your Fox-y needs. It's one of the few that is actually maintained and updated on a regular basis!
Shadowstar: The Creative Archives of Mary Jean Holmes
This is the website of my friend and writing mentor. Mary Jean is a supremely talented writer, and has some awesome fanfictions in a variety of genres -- including Lord of the Rings, "The Real Ghostbusters", and (my personal fave) Back to the Future. Her stories can all be found online at her website, as well as original artwork, editorials, compositions (as in music) and her nifty "Sim" skins.
American Hit List
This is a Portland-area rock band that is made up of guys I went to college with. The name has changed, like, 4 times in the last few years, and this is the latest incarnation. Their shows are never dull or lacking in excitement. Sadly, they disbanded recently, but their music shall live on forever!
The Pages O' Peat
Peter (Peat) Bakke is a guy I went to high school with, and this is his website. It's main fascination, for me, is the online journal, in which he details his adventures in attending college in New Zealand with Poncho, another mutual pal from high school. I find the reports both witty and horrifying. Best combo for web reading, I think.
Junk City Zero
Another pal from the high school daze, Tom Gammons, runs this website, which promotes his DJing skills. It's under almost constant construction.
deviantART: ariokh
"Ariokh" is really Izzy, another friend from the halls of ACHS, and a very talented artist. Check out his works that he is completing in art school, as well as his weblog of, um, very deviant thoughts.
Evansville Courier & Press GhostCam
Welcome to ghost hunting in the twenty-first century! The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana, has a couple webcams set up in some reputedly haunted rooms. The cams run 24/7 and are quite fun to check out when one is bored on the 'net and looking for excitement. The cams have also caught a lot of funky, unexplainable things....
The Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators
I am a member of this organization, which is the equivalent of a writer's organization for those specificly writing books for kids and teens, as well as the illustrators in that area. An excellent resource for anyone who writes in those genres, or is thinking about it.