By Kristen Sheley
Based on the Characters Created by Robert Zemeckis & Bob Gale

I have hemmed and hawed about the creation of a page like this for years, and for a number of reasons. I am notoriously paranoid when it comes to divulging stories that are not done, or well on their way to being done. Part of it is the fear of someone swiping my unfinished work and my ideas; part of it is the unnecessary feedback it might generate, which could perhaps subconsciously alter what happens to the plot; part of it is just not wanting to spoil surprises. And sometimes my stories have very rocky paths to completion, with twists that are eventually cut, or added in, from the original.

So why the hell is this page even here? A few things influenced the decision:

1) Show and Tell. These are stories that have been stalled for a while. Why? Variety of reasons, some involving a lack of burning inspiration, or burning direction, or fully fleshed out plot outlines. Other reasons involve simply having other ideas that I want to pursue more at the given moment, and I haven't yet had the chance to come back to these tales. Yet I am satisfied with what's been laid down, so far, and I do incorporate it into my "universe," as some sharp-eyed readers may see. (There are also some stories that aren't off the drafting board yet that are not here that are incorped and I have the best of intentions of writing... someday.) So, there is the hope that maybe people can nag me enough into finishing one of these projects.

2) Curiosity. I'm always curious on what people think about what I write. But before you go rush off to feedback, I would ask that you absolutely not give me ideas on what happens next. I pretty much do have things mapped out and a sense of where I'm going. (Never mind the sense can be muddled sometimes.) As a writer, I pretty much work alone and like it like that. I've only collaborated once in my life and, while I found it a tremendously enjoyable experience, it's fairly untypical for me. I'm a loner in both writing and life -- ask anyone who knows me well.

3) Mary Jean's Unfinished Tales. My friend and writing mentor did it, and the world did not end. So I figure I'll give it a shot. As Doc reasoned, "What the hell?"

A few things to keep in mind:

  • These stories are not finished at the moment. (Duh.) They're in-progress "on hiatus" works, which means I am not actively working on them now. On occasion -- very rare occasion -- I've been known to pick up a tale, knock out another chapter, and then lay it down again. But don't expect an ending any time soon. There are reasons I opted to display these in their current unfinished condition.
  • Plot twists are subject to change; I have done it numerous times in the past where names, places, details, events, etc, shift and warp over the course of writing a story to fit better or new ideas, etc.
  • Titles may be tentative or temporary. In fact, in the case of the two stories located here, the titles are fairly temporary nicknames. I've yet to hit on something that makes me go, "Wow, perfect!" Titling stories is not my forte, and generally I don't come up with one until a story is at least halfway done! Hopefully I will find something somewhat workable someday, if the story is ever finished.

And don't despair -- these tales will, I hope, be completed someday. It's a matter of inspiration... and time!

"The Chicago Story"
This story has been in progress since the summer of 2000. It's the 1920's story I've mentioned from time to time, and is the missing link between "In Flux" and... well, the tale below. Basically, Marty and Doc visit 1928 in Chicago and fall in with some unsavory characters. Inspired by playing pool a lot my junior year of college, with my roommates. I've worked on this story on and off at random times. Last time was just last fall, I believe. Someday, I vow, it will be finished.... Currently, this story has 4 chapters -- but Chapter Four is not complete.
"The Engagement Story"
I started this story in June 2001, though the notes are considerably older. It would go between "The Chicago Story" and "The Future Ain't What it Used to Be." This covers Marty's proposal to Jennifer (hence the nickname of the title), and the misadventures that ensue. I kind of consider this my "BTTF Meets Indiana Jones" story, and I hope to God no one hangs me for being un-P.C. or stereotyping or whatnot.... I actually know exactly how the next chapter is going to begin, I just haven't found the time to write it out. Typical. Currently this story has the first 4 chapters done, and waits for me to begin Chapter Five. (Which I know how I will start, but... yeah, I just haven't yet.)
"Haunted By the Past"
Although the concept for this story came to me in Spring 2000, I did not sit down to write it actively until December 2003, when I had outlined the whole sucker in a week. It went "like a house afire" for a couple months, then 70 pages in...wham! The Wall. I picked it up to work on a bit last year (2005) for a spell, and then let it go again. (That progress from 2005 -- one and a half chapters more -- is not here yet.) Of the three "on hiatus" stories, this one has the largest chance of being completed eventually, I think, which may be why it's taken me a while to put it up here. This one is also the longest of the "on hiatus" works, with six lengthy chapters laid down (excluding the additional work I did in 2005).

All words by me, Kristen Sheley. I don't own the characters (Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale do), none of this stuff is a definitive take on events, yadda yadda. No hijacking -- er, "borrowing" or displaying -- my writings without permission or I'll hunt you down and shoot you like a duck -- er, dog.