DISCLAIMER--I, Kristen Sheley, know I am using copyrighted characters, created by Robert Zemeckis & Bob Gale, though all the stories are original works of mine from over the last decade or so. I wrote these out of love, and not to make a profit or anything like that. These are for fans, by a fan.

In August of 1992, at the age of 13, I began work on my first Back to the Future story aptly (and unoriginally) titled...."Back to the Future Part IV." I surprised myself by actually finishing it -- nine months and some 150 pages later. I was ever so proud of it at the time, hauling the phonebook-sized binder around with me like a trophy and showing it to everyone and anyone. I thought it would stop there, but then I had another idea... and another... and another.

Here are a variety of works I've done over the course of more than ten years, and I still ain't done. All detail the past, present, and future adventures of Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and others familiar to the Back to the Future series.

A few things to note:

1) I'm sure I've made a mistake here or there on historical accuracy (I teach high school English, not history!) but I know this so please don't send me a kajillion e-mails informing me of my boo-boos. Typos are also a common error -- since they are primarily read by a couple people, tops, before being put out there for the masses. So give me some slack.

2) I would also like to add that I'm not into any of the subgenres that come in the world of fan fiction. (Mary Su, slash, angst, etc etc.) So if that's your thing, just leave right now because you will not find it here! These are simply continuation stories without any of the weird psychological twists to them. (Although I do have to admit I have a strange weakness for seeing Marty asleep... much to the constant amusement of my friends. All attractive guys in general are ten times cuter asleep, I think, so....) I also enjoy all the characters a lot, though I suppose the one constant is Marty, my fave. (I think there's about 2 stories right now with very little Doc in them, but that is an unusual exception; BTTF is not BTTF to me without both Marty and Doc.)

3) NO PART OF THESE STORIES MAY BE BORROWED, REPRODUCED, OR OTHERWISE USED WITHOUT MY EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION! Because these are original stories of my own conception, they contain my own views on what might happen in the BTTF universe, as well as original characters and charaterizations. Therefore, they are my own views, my own spin on things, and should be treated justly. No part of these stories may be reproduced without my consent, and no one may "borrow" my work by referencing my characters/charaterizations/storylines or my "universe" without my express written permission.

4) Give me feedback... please! I've concocted a feedback survey that I ask people to volunteer in filling out, if you read any of the stuff here. Please. I'm just curious as to who is reading my writing and what they really think of it. Your opinion and stats are a small price to pay for free stories! (And you can be completely anonymous when you fill it out!)

By all means, these are not the last of the BTTF stories that I will write! More will come... in time.